I’ve had some time to update the app. This release is based on the “old” rewrite of the original app.
It is not complete but supports Argus TV 2.3.0 and live streaming.
You can download the new version here

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About the future of this App

it’s been a very long time without any update. This is mostly due to my personal workload and lost interest in live TV. I still use Argus TV, but my usage has been reduced to recording one tv show.
For anyone wondering when or if a new version will be released I have bad news: I’ve pretty much stopped all development of the app. I currently don’t know when or if I’ll ever continue development of this app – sorry.

A big “thank you” to all supporters who have donated over the years. I’ll keep the App online in the current state as long as I can.

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Alpha testing

Hello everyone,

I’m planning on releasing alpha versions for donors who donated at least 5€. So if you like to support the development and would like to test new versions you can now donate through PayPal and I will invite you to a private Google+ Community where you can Opt-In for the Alpha versions. Previous donors of at least 5€ are also entitled to join the testers group.

Please send me your Google+ profile link to supp@argus-tv-mobile.de after your donation so I can invite you to the Google+ Community. (Note: You have to use the same Google Account you use for the Google Play Store)

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Google+ Community

Hello everyone,
I just created a Google+ Community. There I will post progress updates for the big 2.0 update.

You can also post feature requests and bug reports there. But please keep in mind that I’m almost completely rewriting the current app, so it will not make much sense to post minor bugs there as they will probably never be fixed for the old version. If there are major problems with the current version I will of course try to fix those.

Finally, I wish you and your families a Happy Holiday Season and all the best for the New Year.

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Hello everyone,

I’m sure you noticed that ForTheRecord is now being discontinued and ARGUS TV has emerged from it.

As a result, I will be renaming my app to ARGUS TV Mobile. The old app will probably still be left like that in the market and the new version, which is currently in development, will be uploaded as a separate App.

As ARGUS TV’s API is compatible with the old one you can still use the current app until the new version has been published.

This website will also be updated in the near future to reflect the changes.


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New Version in development

Hello everyone,

it’s been a long time without an update of ForTheRecord Mobile. I’ve had very little spare time in the last one and a half years. I finished my bachelor thesis and have been working at sprylab technologies since February . I also recently moved and had a lot of things to take care of. But now I finally have some time again to continue development.

So whats to come?

Live Streaming. For some time now there have been request to support live streaming. I hear you! First tests indicate, that streaming SD channels over wifi seems to be no problem. For HD channels it’s not as stable as most WiFi’s are simply not fast enough and many Android smartphones don’t have the horsepower for this. I suspect this will change in the near time when more and more quad-core phones arrive.

Tablet-UI! Yes, though I’m no designer I’m trying to implement a nice tablet interface. If you are a designer and would like to contribute and help with this task please contact me.

General UI updates. Let’s be honest – the current user interface is not very pretty. This will change. The new version will use many of the new Android UI patterns and design guidelines to create a nice looking user interface.

Easier setup. If you look at the forums you can see that most problems occur with the correct setup of the server connection. The new version will feature an easy wizard for automatic detection of servers in the current WiFis network. It will also automatically use a secure connection to the server. Of cause you can still have different server profiles.

It will still take some time before I can release the new version, because I’m rewriting most of the code to be more maintainable. The old versions used a custom implementation of the ActionBar-Pattern which is not easily ported to the native ActionBar. Also, while I now have more spare time for development, it is still mostly limited to weekends.

If you have additional feature requests, please post them in the forum.

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Version 0.5

It’s been over a month since the last update, but I finally had the time to finish some big features.

The new version includes these new features:

  • create, edit and delete schedules
  • view upcoming programs
  • major design changes
  • notifications for alert schedules
  • translations for german, dutch and danish (may not be complete)

I hope everything works as intended – if not, please let me know in the forum.

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Version 0.3 in Market

The second update is now available in the Android Market.

You can now search for programs and channels and view the details of a found program and view the EPG for a channel.

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First update available

After many hours of development the second version (0.2) has just arrived at the Android Market.

Besides fixing some crashes I implemented viewing program details (e.g. description).

As this is still a very early version there may be some bugs, so if you find any, please report them in the forum.

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First Beta available

I just uploaded the first Beta to the Android Market.

It has the following features:

  • EPG-Browser
  • multiple connection profiles for different servers (supporting FTR and
  • SSL and Proxy support
  • Offline Caching (uses SD-Card)
  • APP2SD
  • Ads in Dashboard

Please keep in mind that it is still a very early version. I have tested it with an HTC Desire with Android 2.2. You can report bugs and make feature requests in the forum. Beta 2 will have full schedule creation support.

And here are the links for Android Market (open in Android) and AppBrain or you can use this QR-Code:


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